Tree of (Im)permanence | Centennial, CO

Artist | Nick Geurts
Completed | 2014
Materials | Polished stainless steel, bell chimes, LEDs, midi-controlled
Dimensions | 8′ base x 20′ height
Funding | Burning Man Honorarium + Crowdfunds
Engineering | re:engineering + yetiweurks
Fabrication | E/G

The Tree of (Im)Permanence is an interactive musical tree consisting of polished stainless steel pipes forming the tree trunk and limbs supporting 25 polished stainless steel tubular bell chimes which have deep resonating bell-like tones. The base of the tree is plasma cut by hand to form the tree’s root system. At the base of the tree trunk sits a children’s toy piano which has 25 keys with the bell chimes tuned to the corresponding notes. The keyboard is midi controlled with wiring that goes through the trunk and limbs that powers a solenoid to strike the bell chime, as well as powers on an LED light rod parallel to the chime that fades as the chime sound fades. The toy piano has an led strip that illuminates the keys at night. The base is also backlit by LEDs which light up when the notes are played. 

August, 2014 @ Burning Man, Black Rock City
January, 2015 @ Denver Performing Arts Complex, Denver
May, 2015 @ The Children’s Hospital, Aurora
Permanently @ Shiloh House, Centennial