Nick Geurts

As a practicing structural engineer in Denver, CO for over 10 years, Nick Geurts has always been infatuated with the use of structural materials to unite form and function.  In 2014 he received an honorarium art grant from Burning Man Arts to build a 20ft tall stainless steel interactive musical tree, which was then donated to a local Denver foster care facility.  This opportunity was the catalyst of his love for creating large-scale interactive public art with the goal of sharing a sense of child-like wonder with the community. Geurts’ extensive experience with metalworking combined with his knowledge as a structural engineer enable his whimsical designs and result in safe, durable and elegant large-scale interactive public art.

Ryan Elmendorf

Elmendorf is an expert in electronics, programming, mechanical engineering and metalworking. He has used these skills and artistic vision to successfully implement complex designs in a multitude of interactive public art installations.  He has conceived elegant electromechanical and midi-controlled solutions to make public art concepts a reality and has collaborated with renowned Denver artist Clark Richert on several projects, most notably the Ultimate Painting.

Nathan Koral

Nathan Koral joined the Elmendorf/Geurts team in 2015 as a specialist in electrical engineering and quickly became an integral part of the team as a precision machinist and welder. With degrees in Physics and Math from CU Boulder, and over 5 years experience as a commercial electrician, Nathan uses his real-world experience to help bring the artistic vision of Elmendorf/Geurts and their clients into reality.

Aaron Taenzer

Evan Beloni

Holding a degree in Mechanical Engineering (Virginia Tech ’08), Evan Beloni draws upon his experience in Aerospace, machine design, machining & metal fabrication and electronics to create unique art, both as a hobby and professionally. After years of engineering for industry with art on the side, Evan has been part of the Elmendorf/Geurts engineering and fabrication teams since 2017. He is a self-proclaimed engineer/artist/innovator making a variety of metal art for over a decade.