Portoval | Pembroke Pines, FL

Architect | Brooks and Scarpa
Completed | 2016
Materials | Aluminum
Dimensions | 15′ x 15′
Engineering | re:engineering + yetiweurks

Fabricated for Brooks+Scarpa, the Gateway Sculpture at Pembroke Pines welcomes guests to a city plaza in South Florida. As part of a new Civic Center Complex that includes a performing arts hall and art gallery for the City of Pembroke Pines, Brooks + Scarpa Architects designed new entry and shade canopy sculptures with attending landscape features. These sculptures and landscape elements frame pedestrian gateways into a new public plaza, providing wayfinding and anchoring a sense-of-arrival. Designed as public art, the aluminum sculptures emerge as tree columns that lead up to an array of rings with perforated plates that spin in the continuous breeze of south Florida. The sculptures provide shaded area for seating, as well as programmable up-lighting that enhances user experience. The pavilion is located in the front of the new Pembroke Pines Civic Center and City Hall.