Crescendo | Denver, CO

Artist | Mike Lustig
Completed | 2019
Materials | Stainless steel, LEDs, control electronics, motors
Dimensions | 8′ sphere
Engineering | E/G
Fabrication | E/G
Installation | E/G

720 stainless steel triangles join to create this 8′, 6v geodesic sphere. At the intersection of each triangle, the surface of the sphere has an addressable LED which allows the controller to create a light pattern across the surface of the piece. In the center of the sphere, visible through the gaps between the triangular panels, is a 4,000 watt LED array projecting the geodesic pattern which can seen on the walls of the venues. The sphere is split into two hemispheres, each is able to rotate independently of the other and the entire assembly rotates as one piece, like a traditional disco ball would.